Touch of Pink

Last sunday (march 3) i attended Mayeth’s  debut party it’s just a simple party with her family, friends in high school and some friends in college .

     (her pink and black (her favorite colors) invitation )

    (the debutant in her pink and black ball gown by Ronaldo )

                (with mayeth before the party starts )

            (the venue with the touch of pink and black at Jocelle’s Garden)

                     (im part of her 18 candles )

          (mayeth on her second dress with her boyfriend carlo )

            (group picture with her friends from Legazpi City )

                (with the girls of audio visual communication student )

                                   (with russel )

(lucky me i have picture with this guy ? hohoho yeah he’s a guy not a gay he’s just bisexual but he’s a good friend ken , look he’s so hot )

 any outfit will do - mayeth

So i come up with this outfit . 

top from thrift shop.

pumps from parklane

square pants from j’s closet

necklace from f2m 

hair and make up by AGA RINON HOUSE OF FASHION

you can hype this look here 

Photos by : Gemjo Cortes 

Sorry for the late post im so busy with school stuff.

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