Long sleeve a package from my grandma

Leggings pretty girl from LCC Legazpi

Oxford shoes from a thrift shop here in Albay

Aztec iphone case that i bought in Greenhills shopping Center

Hype this look here.

Because of the unpredictable weather here in Bicol i found myself wearing this large long sleeve partner with one of my favorite shoes isn’t it simple but yet so cute ?

While waiting with my friends in the pyramid of our school there are group of fashionista out there having a meeting and one of my friend told me that they will be having a outfit shoot then one of them approached me if i want to join their “trip na shoot” then i said “Yes why not diba ?” and before the shoot goes on i did not expect that one of my new friend is also a friend of my co blogger  she also said that she is also the photographer of them while she is there in Naga City so can you imagine “ITS A SMALL WORLD” talaga .

She is no other than the friend of Frances and Flair my new found friend, a schoolmate and my fashion photographer NJ ALEXANDRE .

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